How to Drain an Inground Pool Effortlessly

How to Drain an Inground Pool Effortlessly

Maintaining an immaculate inground pool that mirrors the high standards of its discerning owner requires certain vital knowledge. An essential part of that knowledge is understanding how to drain an inground pool.

When performed correctly, this task can ensure the longevity of your pool, and thus the continuity of your sophisticated leisure time.

Understanding the Pool Draining Process

Draining your inground pool is not just a chore; it's an exquisite blend of precision and technique, vital for maintaining pristine conditions. Neglecting this art can lead to harmful consequences, from algae growth to significant structural damage, tarnishing the image of your well-kept property.

Firstly, draining ensures comprehensive cleaning and addresses major repairs. Secondly, it helps balance pool chemicals. Over time, unbalanced chemicals can lead to less efficient sanitization and potentially cause skin and eye irritation. Embrace the art of draining your pool for a truly immaculate oasis.

Step-by-Step Guide on Draining an Inground Pool

Embarking on this venture requires clear guidance and understanding. Here, we unravel the sequence to execute this process seamlessly.

  • Step 1: Preparing the Pool for Draining: Before anything else, ensure compliance with local laws and regulations governing pool draining. Safeguard your pool's sophisticated system by turning off the heater and chemical feeders, protecting its immaculate design.
  • Step 2: Setting up the Pump: Choose a robust and reliable submersible pump to effortlessly handle the task. Position it strategically in the deepest part of the pool, connected to a garden hose leading to a secure draining area.
  • Step 3: Initiating the Draining Process: Let the magic of technology work wonders as you start the pump. Direct the water thoughtfully to an approved area, preserving your exquisite landscaping.
  • Step 4: Monitoring the Process: Resist the allure of your sumptuous abode, and keep a vigilant eye on the draining process. This prevents potential issues from escalating, safeguarding your pool's integrity.
  • Step 5: Completing the Draining and Handling the Aftermath: As the pool drains to its pristine state, promptly turn off the pump. Now, your pool is prepared for desired maintenance or refurbishment, awaiting another chapter of luxury and leisure.

Before draining

Draining an Inground Pool

After draining

Draining an Inground Pool

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Pool Draining

Here are some key tips to elevate your pool draining process to a masterful operation:

  • Timing is Crucial: Avoid Draining After Heavy Rain or During the Rainy Season: To master this operation, exercise prudence by refraining from draining your pool after heavy rain or during the rainy season. Doing so prevents the risk of your pool lifting out of the ground, safeguarding its structural integrity and preserving your investment.
  • Professional Expertise Matters - Consider Hiring a Pool Service: Elevate your pool maintenance to a realm of expertise by contemplating the services of a professional pool maintenance company. If your pool hasn't been drained in several years, entrust the task to experienced professionals. This prudent decision ensures your investment remains protected against potential hazards, giving you peace of mind and a well-preserved oasis of luxury.

By avoiding specific pitfalls and enlisting professional assistance when needed, you can safeguard your pool and preserve your investment with confidence.

Post-draining Pool Care

After draining, the pool presents a blank canvas, awaiting your meticulous care and attention. Follow these essential steps to transform it into a stunning aquatic oasis worthy of admiration and enjoyment:

  1. Deep Cleaning: Roll up your sleeves and indulge in a thorough deep cleaning session. Scrub the pool's surfaces, tiles, and walls with precision, banishing any stubborn stains or debris that may have accumulated over time. Embrace the art of cleaning to reveal the pool's true beauty.
  2. Repair and Revitalize: Avoid assessing and addressing any damage or wear and tear. Repair cracks, leaks, or damaged equipment to ensure your pool's structural integrity. Revitalize the pool's appearance by replacing worn-out elements and restoring its original charm.
  3. Re-balance Water Chemistry: Achieve crystal-clear waters by re-balancing the water chemistry with finesse. Test and adjust the pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels to perfection. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a safe and inviting environment for luxurious swimming.
  4. Enhance Water Clarity: Elevate water clarity to mesmerizing levels by employing top-quality filtration and circulation systems. Remove any remaining impurities and debris, leaving the water irresistibly pristine.
  5. Add Aesthetic Touches: Infuse your pool with personal flair by adding aesthetic touches. Consider vibrant lighting options, elegant poolside furnishings, and lush landscaping to create an ambiance of ultimate luxury and relaxation.
  6. Regular Maintenance Routine: Commit to a regular maintenance routine to preserve the pool's newfound glory. Skim the surface daily, vacuum weekly, and schedule routine inspections to catch any issues before they escalate.

By embracing these steps with passion and dedication, you will unveil a pool that exudes splendor and sophistication. Your masterpiece will stand as a testament to your expertise in pool maintenance and a source of endless delight for all who immerse themselves in its beauty. Dive in and bask in the opulence of your carefully crafted aquatic haven.


Mastering how to drain an inground pool is a requisite for any pool owner seeking to uphold an elegant and inviting oasis in their backyard. The investment in time and understanding will inevitably yield a vibrant pool, mirroring the elite lifestyle you lead. For further assistance or professional services, don't hesitate to contact B.M. Wemple Pools, the undeniable experts in creating and maintaining pools that are nothing short of extraordinary.

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